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Kristen Flack is Inprint's intern-extraordinaire. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College, where she studied creative writing. Kristen is an amateur chef, practiced poet, and expert afternoon napper. A native of Mobile, Alabama, Kristen now lives in Montrose with her loyal pup, a redtick coonhound named Billie.

Be Your Own Publisher: A Zine Fest Workshop

May 22, 2013, by

While browsing all the different stands at Houston Indie Bookfest a couple of weeks ago, one trend became quickly apparent to me – handmade books. Whether it was a literary chapbook, local zine, or hand sketched graphic novel, local writers are doing it all themselves – from content to creation.

If you’ve ever wanted to gain the skills to create your own handmade book, join Zine Fest Houston at Inprint House this Sunday for a workshop entitled Be Your Own Publisher! lead by local writer and educator, John Pluecker.

In an interview with one of Zine Fest Houston’s organizers, Stacy Kirages, she gives us more insight into Zine Fest Houston’s year of exciting and interactive programming.


Inprint: How did Zine Fest get its start? Continue reading

In Memoriam of Ray Bradbury

June 11, 2012, by

I picked up Fahrenheit 451 at fifteen years old during one of my many summer trips to the neighborhood library. It was the first book I read that summer, and I still cannot say why my hands grabbed that ratty paperback. Perhaps I had heard of it before, listed with the likes of other childhood favorites, Animal Farm or Brave New World. Or maybe I was drawn to the title which seemed appropriate to read during a stifling Houston June. Whatever the case, I kept that book for over a month after I finished it (racking up a whopping three dollar late fee). Though I was done with the book, I couldn’t convince myself that it was time for the book to end. Continue reading