Houston author Chris Cander shares Dispatches from Book Tour

January 25, 2019, by

Last week, Inprint featured an interview with Houston author Chris Cander about her new novel The Weight of a Piano. Earlier this week, Chris kicked off the U.S. book tour for her new novel right here in Houston to full house audience. How exciting to see one of our very own local Houstonians kick off a nationwide tour with such success!

Chris has kindly agreed to take us on the road with her. Over the next five weeks, Chris will be sharing reflections and updates from across the country as she releases The Weight of a Piano with the world. “Dispatches from Book Tour,” a blog series by Chris Cander begins here. We hope you enjoy Dispatch 1.

Hello, readers! My third novel, The Weight of a Piano, was released by Knopf this Tuesday, and the launch event that night was the kick-off to a 17-stop tour. I hope you’ll (virtually) join me via these brief Dispatches from Book Tour.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

It’s publication day! Instead of a traditional reading, I wrote a brief play based on several scenes from The Weight of a Piano and engaged an incredibly talented team of local artists to bring it to life. Konner Scott, the composer who wrote “Die Reise”—the original piece that appears at the end of the novel—performed it and other music from the book. Afterward, my dear friend and fellow author Mark Haber from Brazos Bookstore and I had a lively onstage conversation about the story. I was honored to have so many people (more than 350!) there to share the night with me—including my agent who flew in from NYC to surprise me.

So much work by so many people went into this event, and it turned out exactly as I’d imagined and hoped it would. I was so elated afterward that I could hardly sleep that night.

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