More Literary Happenings in Houston!

September 10, 2012, by

Calling all Houston Readers and Writers!

We all know about the writing scene in Houston—Poison Pen Reading Series, Lit Fuse, Gulf Coast Reading Series, and, we can’t forget, the Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series—so what’s next? Glass Mountain Reading Series!

Glass Mountain, an undergraduate literary journal at the University of Houston, has recently gone national. Accepting works from all over the states, this literary journal is bringing its work to you here in Houston, every third Tuesday of the month, at Brasil Café. The Glass Mountain Reading Series is a new series primarily geared to emerging writers who are looking to improve their work and participate in the writing community. In an interview with managing editor Steven Simeone and coeditor Brett Forsberg, they explain their reasons for starting the Glass Mountain Reading Series and tell Inprint some of the journal’s goals and plans for this year.

Brett: I got this idea that everybody working at the magazine should bring something to add to the magazine. We’ve been around for at least 7 academic years and we became national about a year and a half ago. Slowly, the magazine has started growing and we wanted to help that by kicking off with a reading series. And the best part about the reading series is that we have a visiting writer come to inspire readers and to cultivate the undergraduate writing community.

Steven: Also, most of the undergraduate writers are scared about going up to read, so it helps to bring in visiting writers who have done multiple readings before, but still feel somewhat timid about going up to read.

Inprint: Have most of the readers you brought been published in Glass Mountain? Continue reading