Dispatch 11: Chris Cander and The Weight of A Piano come back home

February 22, 2019, by

Houston author Chris Cander’s “Dispatches from Book Tour,” a multi-week blog series of reflections and updates along her 17-city U.S. book tour for her new novel The Weight of a Piano (published by Knopf), continues with Dispatch 11, back in Houston.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

As much as I’ve enjoyed being on the road, it’s been great being back home the past few days. And while my family is proud of me and supportive of my work, they also like it when I return to my usual post in the kitchen. And laundry room. And driver’s seat…

Tonight’s event at Blue Willow Bookshop was delightful. Valerie, girl boss extraordinaire, created a towering display of books (which were nearly gone by night’s end) and welcomed me as only she can. There were readers and friends in attendance who’d already heard me talk about the book, but wanted to hear more. A friend all the way from Denmark, and a few from across the street. Several people shared their own piano stories, both painful and poignant, which I’m always so moved to hear.

Readers, thanks for sticking with me on this tour. We’re more than halfway there.

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